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5 Back-to-School Dental Tips for a Healthy Smile

We want all our patients to be able to smile with confidence as they head back to school! Check out our 5 back-to-school dental tips to help your family build strong oral health habits for the school year and beyond! 1. REFRESH YOUR DENTAL ROUTINE: After a fun-filled summer, it’s time to get back into […]

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Dr. Murdock’s keynote speech at a NJ doctors Conference

Bad breath is a deal breaker both in business and in personal life of ours. And while breath fresheners or candies hide it, they do not cure the very problem at hand. So, most importantly, bad breath is caused by a lack of oral hygiene. It includes sleeping with an open mouth at night. This makes mouth dry and bacteria began to flourish there and cause that smell […]

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The yearly physical exam is a critical part of keeping your health intact. Surprisingly, though, there are no absolutes in a routine physical examination. A good doctor may be thorough or brief, but he or she will spend time listening to your concerns and providing counseling for your particular needs.Donald Shepard Bad breath is a […]

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