White Fillings

Cavities in baby teeth affect children frequently. At Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics, our pediatric dental specialists often recommend composite fillings – also called white fillings – for a quick, easy solution.

The advantages of white fillings can include:

  • Closely matching the color and physical aesthetic of natural teeth
  • Preferred by most pediatric dentists
  • Successful use on chewing surfaces like molars
  • Restored teeth affected by decay or trauma


    At Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics, we design strong pediatric fillings that are resistant to the daily chewing and biting actions your child performs. Our white fillings also blend naturally with your child’s real teeth, for a seamless look and feel that creates a full smile.

    Enamel on a child’s tooth is thinner than the enamel on adult teeth. Thus, cavities in baby teeth can occur due to sugar in your child’s diet, brushing and flossing insufficiencies or genetic dispositions.

    First, we will make your children feel comfortable in our kid-friendly office, using sedation if requested. Next, the tooth is etched and prepared for the filling. Our in-house team of pediatric dental specialists will place the composite filling, and use a blue light to cure it. Finally, our staff can make any adjustments necessary to the white filling to ensure a comfortable bite and flawless aesthetic for your child.

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    Our dental team at Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics is dedicated to your child’s comfort and long-lasting oral hygiene. Together, our team offers decades of pediatric dentistry experience, to help satisfy your child’s dental needs in a caring, comforting environment.

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    White Fillings Can Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

    Composite fillings from Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics can help your child prevent cavities before they mature. For an effective solution that helps to limit tooth decay and promote strong oral hygiene, schedule an appointment for your children today!