Invisalign Teen®

We’re proud to offer world-class Invisalign Teen® orthodontics services through our sister location – Canyon Family Dentistry & Orthodontics – located next door to our office here in Las Vegas. Schedule your Invisalign® appointment through Canyon Family Dentistry & Orthodontics today, to achieve beautifully straight teeth with ease.

Invisalign Teen® aligners are designed to be worn 22 hours per day, so they should just be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth, before being reapplied. Even when your teen is wearing your clear braces, though, they will be virtually invisible!

Clear braces have been around for years, but just recently, Invisalign Teen® was created. These clear aligners are designed specifically with your busy teenager’s lifestyle in mind.

Invisalign Teen® clear braces are made of a series of aligners that will gradually move your teen’s teeth into their ideal positions. This progress is based on a design plan that your children’s orthodontist creates, using advanced computer technology.

Each aligner is custom-made, taking into account the current positions of your child’s teeth and the most effective way to move them. The patient will wear each set of trays for about two weeks, and then transition to the next set. Over time, these small pushes will create the ultimate change in your child’s smile!